SHAME ON YOU Wells Fargo (and any other inhuman corp who has forgotten the importance of the customer)

I’m disgusted!

I’ve held my tongue til now.

Why come uncorked now?

I have a client who has NO choice but to sell his house and move, and he owes more to Wells Fargo than the house is worth because houses in his neighborhood have declined significantly since he bought the house in 2007.

This is not that unusual – Defines “Short Sale.”

The issue that I have is that this home owner has responsibly paid his mortgage and is now current (a good track record).

He is a US Army Officer who has been activated for deployment and must move his family to a Military Post far from Nashville within 45 days of learning of the deployment . . . Selling his house here in Nashville is the ONLY practical option.

Thus far, the experience with Wells Fargo has been excruciating enough that they have lost all respect from me and from anyone else who hears about this story . . .

My largest issue is simply this:


  • They do not care enough to treat a Military Officer with dignity.
  • They do not care enough to have systems in place to recognize “responsible” customers so they can treat them accordingly.
  • They have carefully trained “Customer Service Reps” with scripts and dialogues that are impersonal and non-caring and matter-of-fact enough that they might be better served replacing them with computer generated response systems.
  • They act as if they would prefer to foreclose on the house rather than working through short sale – which is an option that preserves the condition of the house, the Buyer’s credit standing (to some degree), and the many thousands of dollars associated with executing the foreclosure process
  • They are BULLIES to their own customers and treat them as if they are talking to laggards and felons . . . They make continued and repeated threats and do everything in their power to instill FEAR in their OWN customers.
The good news for this Buyer is that I am an Honorably Discharged US Army Combat Engineer Officer with a passion for thanking our service men and women by doing whatever it takes to help them navigate this excruciating process.

Additionally, I know that Military Personnel have some legislated protection against this unscrupulous treatment . . . although Wells Fargo will violate that protection until or unless the Soldier engages the support of the JAG Officer (Military Lawyer) in his unit.

I am nothing short of appalled by this irresponsible, barbaric behavior from ANY American corporation.

Perhaps, they feel that “Size Matters” and that they can do whatever they want to want to do without any worries.

That doesn’t fly in my book . . . I think I’ll stick with my local bank where the stakeholders understand the importance of their customers.

Seth Godin tossed some jet fuel on my smoldering discontent with Wells Fargo in his blog post today (this story also hit the National News This morning).

“Matt Fisher’s story about the tragic death of his sister and the response of” Progressive Insurance which boiled down to:  “We fight against claims to keep our costs low, saving you money.”

Corporations are not people – ” . . . They bet on short memories and the healing power of marketing dollars, commercials and discounts. Employees are pushed to focus on bureaucratic policies and quarterly numbers, not a realization that individuals, not corporations, are responsible for what they do.”

Yes! Seth YES!

Where do you see Corporations taking their customers for granted (and even abusing them)?

Better yet:

Tell me something good . . .

Tell me some stories about corporations which “GET” the Value of their customers

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