Setting goals is a waste of time

MANY people truly think that setting goals is an exercise in futility.

Well – I can only agree with them.

If you don’t believe setting goals is worthwhile, you’re right . . . for YOU!

What if you were to shift your perspective and entertain this notion of believing in Santa Clause (setting goals).

I make that analogy, because those who believe find themselves on the “nice (goal achievement) list” more frequently than those who don’t.

Continue your grumbling about how setting goals is ridiculous pursuit . . . naughty list . . . and more of the same . . . every day.

We all have what it takes to set and achieve smart goals, and I know that it works when done “right.”

  • SMART . . . Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – TimeBound
  • Commitment
  • Persistence
  • Consistency
  • Right Habits
  • Appropriate structure
  • Accountability

This ain’t rocket science.

In fact, is not science at all.

This is art – rhythm – Living in flow, and you have the potential within you to do this effortlessly.

It all depends on which list you are on – naughty or nice!

Do you believe?

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and are a believer (or on the fence), Join us for a special session Tuesday April 4 from 10-Noon.

We’ll “unpack” all of the above, and everyone who shows up will leave the room with a well-defined strategy for setting appropriate goals AND keeping yourself on the path to reaching them.

Let’s do this~

Published by Barry Owen

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