Seth Godin’s “Learning/Doing Gap”

Seth Godin’s timeliness is uncanny!

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The Learning/Doing Gap

This morning, I am heading to a full day class – NAR TECH EDGE

Will it be worth the time invested?

What will I learn?

Will what I learn be relevant and how might it enhance my doing?

Seth suggests this: “The thing we usually seek to label as ‘learning’ is actually more about ‘education’. It revolves around compliance, rankings and “will this be on the test?””


“What happens if the learning we do is accomplished by always engaging in it in conjunction with our doing?”

“And what happens if we take a hard look at our doing and spend the time to actually learn something from it?”

None of us enjoy squandering time, energy, or money.

I’m a believer that the most important thing we can do is to be very intentional about every learning and doing opportunity . . . and this begins with showing up with an open mind.

Expect to be surprised!

Engage with curiosity!

Challenge yourself to decide to learn something useful regardless of the quality of the presentation and pledge to take action on any “Doing” nuggets that emerge.

Or . . . You could take the path of taking the course “because it’s required for continuing education” in which case you’ll be mentally absent and will be depriving yourself of some great learning.

More about this here:

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