Sequestering yourself from solicitors

When in your place of business doing your thing called “work”, interruptions of any kind are counter-productive, right?

So . . . why do we allow them?

My prescription for optimal personal and professional performance calls for 2-3 hours of FOCUS at a high level of INTENSITY during that time when we are most mentally sharp.

This must become a daily regimen . . . a discipline mandate that is the driving force for projecting our “force” (influence) out “there” where our work improves the environment for those we serve . . . including our own self.

Absent this daily routine of intentional focus, we are less effective and more vulnerable to damaging distractions.

The world around us is conspiring to steal our attention. We must be strong! First, we must “train” all of those people closest to us (Yes – Even spouses, best friends, important clients, work associates) such that they understand why we must have this sacred period of time each and every day in a hermetically sealed space that is safe from interruption and/or distraction. We might even invite THEM to do the same so as to improve their own human experience precipitously as we do.

This can be uncomfortable because it requires us to establish boundaries which others may challenge with comments like: “WELL! . . . and I thought I was important to you!” Keep this image handy for those times when facing this “objection.

OK! Now we have those most important folks in our worlds on board with this dastardly plot to preserve our precious time for intentional focus . . . What about the other 8 Billion +/- on the planet? How do we keep them from violating our safe space?

This begins with the probable uncomfortable stance of potentially less tolerant barriers because all those other people have not (yet) been “trained properly” about the importance of sanctity of this “alone time” that is so necessary for our success to build. The truth is that most of these folks DON’T CARE about your need for daily uninterrupted contemplation and/or lead generation and business development because they have AGENDAS that do not welcome or include your unavailability. Solicitors are trained to get their foot in EVERY door. They are trained at a high level to be THE quintessential disrupters/interrupters . . . In fact, they cherish the advantage that SURPRISE affords them. They swoop in out of the thin ether and ATTACK when you’re least expecting and so focused that you don’t sense them coming.

We gotta do things like close our office door with a note on it like this:

So . . . establish clear boundaries, pledge to carve 2-3 hours of intentional focus time each day, and enjoy the sweet fruit of getting more done in less time with less effort.


PS . . . I said more about this in this morning’s

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