SEO is not dead when focus is SOI

The internet MONSTERS killed SOI for us little fish!

Yep! Google pretty much feeds only the content that makes them money.

Using keywords and tags are not likely to earn first page returns on any generic term imaginable..

Is “Free” internet traffic a thing of the past for REALTORS (and most other business other than Zillow and Google)?

I’m launching an experiment.

3 years ago, I bought a fancy Commissions Inc website for Pareto Realty which I have grossly underutilized.

This website has 2 sides . . . a “Branded Site” and a “Lead Generation Site”, and they are both connected to a powerful CRM program for cultivating prospects to convert them from lead to prospect to client. Thus far, we have only focused on leads generated by “Pay-per-click” advertising on Google and Facebook. The results are good . . . over 150 new leads every month, but I want MORE and BETTER, so . . . I’m borrowing some tips from ShayHata’s website and have created a devious and clandestine plot to build a “Local SEO” site.

My “Digital Marketing expert friend” advised me to do it all on one domain, so I have had to take the path less travelled . . . definitely not the path of least resistance . . . and it’s going well.

For sure! There have some challenges because the CINC site is primarily developed as a CRM & Lead Generator . . . The Public Site came along later is significantly less evolved.

What I thought would take 3 weeks to accomplish, I think I will complete THIS week.

The goal is to significantly increase the “VALUE” of our website for visitors who hail from the Niches we serve.

We are building a “Resource for all things Real Estate in Middle TN”

It’s amazing how quickly complex projects can come together when given proper focus.

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