Saving the world by Proofing before Publishing

Your English Grammar teacher is one of your facebook friends, and her eyes are rolling.

Oh my!

I’ve seen some hilarious typographical errors this week . . . all due to inattention to detail because I know these folks are smarter than their postings indicate.

Sadly . . . in our relatively new 140 character way of mass communicating, we have opened the door of truncating our messages to the degree that they are cryptic only to be deciphered by the most twisted minds.

Of course, there are the usuals . . .

They’re comments are often misunderstood because the words there typing are differently spelled than the words their meaning to say.

My 2 favorite finds this week:

“Lastest News from the field”

Marketing announcement for a great house in Crieve Hall: “Grieve Hall..4 Bedrooms..3 Bath..2 Car Garage”

My observation is that we in a “Hit & RUN” society.

Everyone is a publisher of content, and few invest “enough” time in crafting their messages.

Once it’s out there, we move on and only revisit the post to see how many “likes” it receives or comments our “friends” publish.

The power of your intended message degrades precipitously when riddled with misspellings and lack of appropriate sentence structure.

In fact, many of these poorly crafted literary masterpieces communicate dissonant messages that obfuscate the intended meaning of the author.

It’s no small wonder that we humans are failing to understand each other more frequently even as our means of communication (internet, Email, Text, Social Media) provide us such amazing “places” for constructive dialog.

Too much – Too fast – results in shallow (hollow), disjointed communication.

I think we can do better.

I hope more people will choose to do better.

S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N. and consider approaching your own personal authorship with pride.

Instead of “publishing content”, how about choosing to craft meaningful messages and responses?

And . . .

Proof before publishing to be certain that what you’re putting out there actually says what you intend to say.

BONUS: In doing this, we forge deeper relationships both virtual and real.

Published by Barry Owen

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