Sanity Preservation is first requirement for success

Are you BUSY?

If you’re an ambitious person with a goal, you probably ARE VERY BUSY!

Come to think of it . . . even if you’re NOT an ambitious person (although I don’t think you’d be taking the time to read this blog post, if you weren’t a “striver”), I’m betting you’re ALWAYS BUSY.

Where’s “BUSY” getting you?

Do you sometimes wish that you could flip a switch and “STOP THE MADNESS?”

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a button you could push that would pause this game of life you’re playing?

Could there at least be a throttle? Maybe a big knob we could turn when we want the busyness to S L O W  D O W N . . .

This frenetic pace we’re enduring day in and day out may lead many of us to wonder about our own grip on our sanity.

How often are we close to that dangerous threshold of having potential to “go postal?”

What if I were to give you – free for the taking – a magical “Pressure relief valve” that is sure to be instrumental to your Sanity Preservation Management Program (SPMP)?

This is a simple little trick, and it WORKS!

It’s one of the first things I emphasize as I coach folks (Although, it often takes several weeks for them to “get it”)

First thing EVERY day, slice out a block of time during which you are INVISIBLE to the world.

This is “Training Wheels” for starting to learn how to “Time Block” Effectively.

The rules are simple.

  • Define a MINIMUM of 30 minutes (Optimal is an hour and a half) EVERY working day and put this on your calendar as an APPOINTMENT (with yourself).
  • Do not schedule ANY appointments in the morning because you won’t be available
  • Put yourself in a physical space where NO ONE knows, so they can’t distract you.
  • Put yourself in a mental space that’s 100% free of any distraction (This one requires turning off cell phone, computer, etc)
  • Have your calendar, whatever you use as your “To-Do List”, and your written goals for the week, month, year (I’m assuming you have these already . . . If not, this is the time to create them :-))
  • Take out a fresh/blank sheet of paper and write the date in the top right corner
  • Plan your day such that you FOCUS on and DO only the things the matter most and see our speak with only the people who matter the most such that if you do it all, you will feel relatively “in control” and accomplished by day end:
    • Write the 10 people that matter most today.
    • Make a list of your Appointments for the day
    • Make a list of all of the stuff that MUST be done today
    • Commit to keeping yourself focused with intensity til it’s over
  • When you’ve completed your plan for the day, STAY IN YOUR SAFE PLACE for another 1-2 hours and connect with the most important people and tackle the MOST important things on your list.
  • Take an hour and a half “Siesta”
  • Work your plan for the remaining 3-5 hours of the day

This will require you to block out a minimum of 1 hour (Better to reserve @ 3 hours) for “Sanity Preservation.”

You can tell your family, friends, and clients, that’s what you’re doing EVERY morning from 8 til 11 and that you’ll respond to any messages or emails they send you beginning at 11.

There now . . . I just gave you the pressure relief valve you’ve been craving.

All you’ve gotta do now is IMPLEMENT!

Sure, it’ll be easier to tell me this won’t work, to which I will reply that if you don’t do it, your right!

I’ll betcha a Million bucks that if you do this, you’ll find yourself getting the end of every day having accomplished MUCH more than before in much less time because of the “secret ingredient” of this formula.

In doing this thing of focusing on what matters most (20% Stuff), we don’t make time for doing the things that matter less (80% stuff).

Because this is going to require you to adopt a new HABIT and may require you to wake up earlier in the morning and re-program some of your relationships (people who are accustomed to having access to you 24/7/365), I HIGHLY recommend you find yourself a few (or as many as 5) accountability partners who will simply:

Call you every day 10 minutes before your time blocked start time for SPM to be sure you’re gonna do it . . . and then call again 10 minutes after your time blocked end time to be sure you did it.

Pssst . . . I reduced my working hours from @ 75/week to @ 35/week with this SPMP.

Will you try it and report back to me your results?

I’m SO excited about how much more effective you’ll be this year.

Published by Barry Owen

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