Safety Requires Participation

As we (along with 10,000 of our closest friends) were walking to the start of the annual Boulevard Bolt – a 5 mile Thanksgiving Morning Run, we approached the parking lot and were following the herd of people streaming along.

Few, if any, of the people were paying any attention whatsoever where they were going assuming that the herd would take them to the right place . . . In this case, it is true that herd would take them there . . . The Police crossing guard rang loud and clear:


At which point I realized that while the herd was moving along, virtually every person in the herd was fully engaged with conversation and/or barely conscious (not fully awake) . . . NO single person had any awareness of the vehicle traffic around them . . . There were unattended kids EVERYWHERE . . . This was NOT a “safe environment,” and the crossing guard was doing her best to create some safety by directing the CARS in spite of the inattentive nature of the herd.

Her reminder was that EVERYONE shares the responsibility of creating this safe environment. The cars were playing by the “rules” but not the herd.

The folks in the herd had shown up but weren’t present, and it was miraculous that no kids got squashed in the mayhem.

How often do you allow the herd mentality to lull you into complacency on matters of importance?

It’s easy to follow others and turn off certain awareness components . . . but it’s less safe.

We see this happening in our work and our personal lives . . . It’s one of the biggest reasons for auto-accidents – Driver distractions cause accidents.

Business distractions cause expensive mistakes or embarrassing dropped balls with customers.

If you’re going to show up . . . BE PRESENT to the things that matter.

Get yourself “there” (on the safe race course) before you turn off your “safety awareness.”

ESPECIALLY during the “Hyper-stimulation” period of Christmas Shopping.


I won’t be participating because my brain overloads with all of that frenetic activity 🙂

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