Rush Hour Traffic

Don’t you HATE it?

Getting caught in a traffic snarl Β is especially exasperating when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

This can turn perfectly happy and well adjusted people into road raging animals.

It happens every morning, at lunch time, and again in the evening.

A bajillion people go to work at the same time every day – have lunch at the same time every day – and have the same quittin’ time every day.

This is herd mentality at its core . . . MOOOOO!

As with most everything, there’s this small percentage of the population that manages to skate through (or around) these high traffic times with agility and ease.

These folks are the 20%er commuters . . . How do they DO this?

Hmmm . . . Some think outside the box and commute at “off peak” times. Unfortunately for most folks with “bosses,” this may not be possible because the BOSS requires them to report for duty every day at 8 – take a specified 1 hour lunch break – and leave not ONE minute before 5 . . . EVERY DAY!

This forces them to travel with the herd . . . or does it?

Here’s where the art of game comes into play. Nuances of avoiding the traffic bottlenecks include skillfully being in the perfect lane at every stretch of the road . . . Knowing when and where the right lane will be clogged . . . knowing when the “Plan B Route” should be implemented . . . and making a game of doing it better with every commute.

Yesterday, I found a new way to get from East Nashville to West Nashville at the peak of rush hour without encountering ANY traffic and celebrated a great victory when I arrived at my appointment at EXACTLY the right time. This route is highly classified because I know that if I tell the world my route, it, too, will become clogged as the “herd” picks up on my clever way.

The good news is that I’m ALWAYS seeking a new way . . . so when this new way starts getting clogged, odds are good I’ll already have another alternative in mind πŸ™‚

Jessica and I play this game EVERY morning on the journey from home to school – We have a “Front Way” and a “Back Way” and we decide which one to take (Right or left out of our development) based on the traffic we see.

Doesn’t everything I’ve written above apply to virtually all aspects of our lives?

Personally and Professionally, we are “in traffic” . . . and the more adept we are at navigating the flow in or around the herd, the more we accomplish with the limited time, energy, and money we have.

“Herd Movement” is exhausting and a waste of resources . . . very inefficient.

Innovate – Create – Make life a GAME with intentional strategy geared to get the most out of every moment – Don’t relegate your success to the AVERAGE herd.

Think this way . . . and road rage disappears.

I think I just theorized a smooth path towards world peace πŸ™‚

Happy commuting!



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