Rookies, Codgers, and Selling Real Estate

It’s a byproduct of a better real estate market.

We’re experiencing a flood of freshly minted Real Estate Sales people into the market.

The word is that the real estate market is ROCKIN’, and for many this means that making LOTS of money is a real possibility if they just get themselves licensed to sell houses and join a reputable firm.

Many “Seasoned REALTORS” think the “barriers to entry” to this profession are too few and too low resulting in an inordinate number of new licensees whose commitment, ethical propensity, and/or mental acuity are lacking . . . thereby leaving a wake of mucked up transactions in their wakes leaving the clean-up in the hands of the more experienced veterans . . . and damaging the reputation and credibility of our industry as a whole.

Of course, it is the job of every firm’s Principal Broker to train and supervise these new agents, but not all Principal Brokers are created equally in this regard.

Often heard in any gaggle of long-time Real Estate Sales Professionals, is grumblings about the business practices of these “Rookies” – “FNGs” – “Young Bucks” . . .

The thing is, fresh blood is GOOD for the market.

The uncomfortable truth is that these new entrants in our business bring with them new and different perspectives and out of the box business practices. Most of us “Old Farts” aren’t all that keen about CHANGE and, in fact, begrudge even the slightest of changes when each new year brings with it “Form Changes” (Which this year in TN included a WHOLE NEW NUMBERING SYSTEM).

Oft heard is that these Rookies are cocky and hard to deal with. They’re edgy and act like they know everything. How could they possibly know the market as well as us old codgers who can remember when those 20 year old houses were built (while these youngsters were just learning to walk)?

Guess what?

Maybe they’re just a little nervous and lacking in confidence . . . but . . .

Them youngsters are SMART!

It might behoove a codger or 2 to quit with the grumbling and LISTEN.

Of course, when it comes to the “finer” points of the business – rounding the edges a bit and getting them to be a little more diplomatic and palatable, these Rookies could also make an effort to meet somewhere in the middle by developing their “People skills” ever so slightly.

And then there’s the additional uncomfortable truth that there are a lot of OLD agents in the market who have allowed their knowledge to become stale. Perhaps they’ve been “GrandFathered” from the annual educational requirements and have completely ceased attending Continuing education thereby missing out on the “up-dates.”

We’re all in this together, and we’ve got more to learn from each than any of us give credit (mostly).

Here’s my point:

Never EVER stop educating yourself in your profession and NEVER EVER adopt the mindset that you know EVERYTHING because you DON’T whether you’re a freshly schooled newbie or a crusty old curmudgeon.

Hone your professionalism with every new experience.

and flourish

PS – I take with great gravity my responsibilities as Principal Broker of Pareto Realty to continually educate and advise my Agent Members with the expectation that EVERY one of our “Vital Team” will go out into the market and LEAD others through successful and SMOOTH transactions.

It’s ALL about HAPPY Home Buyers and Sellers at the closing table.

Connect with me if you’re interested in learning more whether you’re an agent in search of a more supportive working environment or a Prospective Home Buyer or Seller.

Published by Barry Owen

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