Riding your wave

the best Leaders are great surfers on the “Wave of Transformational Energy”

As if it’s not challenging enough simply to maintain balance on this massive wave, the real treachery shows up in the form of a looming Break Wall of FEAR.

How is the Leader to get on the other side of this wall?





Herein lies the “make or break” moment of truth.

For this Leader to get through to the other side and continue to ride this magnificent wave . . . the wall must come DOWN or the ride ceases (Over and Under cannot happen and sustain the momentum of the wave).

Now for some REAL work.

What’s holding this leader in paralyzing FEAR?

Is there a “Dominant Coalition” of people, circumstances, or obstacles who have assembled to obstruct the forward movement of this wave of transformation?

How do we deal with these party poopers?

Are they relevant?

MUST we deal with them?

Why do we give them this power over us?

We cannot make these people go away, but we CAN “Manage/Override” our FEAR.

If we are not afraid, they won’t have the power (over us) to stop our ride.

Is there a “Hidden Opposition?”

What/who is lurking in the shadows waiting in ambush to knock this leader off the board?

Again . . . Why give away power with FEAR?

Resolute focus, determination and consistent persistence can allay fear and provide the impetus to move through and beyond this wall of fear.

Now for the most formidable FEAR . . .


How unfortunate it is to witness a Leader (Wave rider) fearlessly navigate the wave and conquer virtually every gauntlet along the way . . . only to be defeated by self-imposed limitations . . . such as fear of success.

Why create these demons in your own mind as you ride your wave?

So . . . How’re you doing with your wave riding these days?

One thing is certain . . . It’s ALL changing . . . ALWAYS!

PS – Thank you to my friend Birgitt who emailed me this graphic of “Barry’s Metaphor” that came out of a conversation we had some 20 years ago . . . It seems to still have profound relevance.

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