Revenue is not profit

Volume of Sales generates revenue.

Revenue IS income . . . It’s all of that money that comes into your bank account as a result of your business activities (Marketing, Servicing, Selling).

Many folks believe that the name of the game of success is “making a LOT of money.”

The only pitfall of that is that it sets up a dynamic of never having enough.

When we are focused on making MORE money, we tend to spend more without thinking through (or saving) because we are hooked/addicted, and we develop an armor with the belief that we can always “make more” if the till starts getting low.

My once co-warehouse-worker Doug coined the phrase: “You can’t hide that money!” when he noticed another of our co-workers surrounding himself with nice things.

Doug also was famous for saying: “This ain’t nuthin’ but a thang because nobody will care about it 5 years from now.”

Then there are those people who understand that it’s PROFIT that makes us “rich” . . . After you deduct all of the expenses from the revenue, you’ve either got profit or loss.

If you’re REALLY smart when you profit . . . After tithing . . . you’ll squirrel away a big chunk of that profit in 3 categories – Emergency Fund – Travel/Holiday Fund – Long term savings (Retirement account and/or investments).

If you have a loss? Do everything in your power NOT to incur revolving debt.

Instead, cover shortfalls with the money you’ve saved.

Because that hurts, you’re more likely to watch (cut) expenses instead of robbing your bank.

All of the above is just a bit of financial reminding to nudge you into a profitable frame of mind as you do your work and earn more revenue throughout 2018.


Published by Barry Owen

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