Resilience and job security

Saturday, I spent the entire day manicuring Owen Hollow.

At the end of the day – with great satisfaction – I looked at the results of my hard work.

Before I started working that morning, this entire property was covered with a blanket of fallen leaves and tree limbs. I gathered all of the “debris” of sticks and limbs, added them to my “kindling reservoir”, and mulched @ 6 acres of leafs.

Oh how prideful was I of my herculean feat.

I had never before done such a thorough job with such efficiency since moving to Owen Hollow a little over a year ago.

I had decided to do it ALL on this particular Saturday because the weather gurus had called for rain on Sunday, so I thought I would get it done while the gettin’ was good (and dry).

When I awakened Sunday morning, I heard that most awesome sound of Fall winds whistling through the trees . . . One of my favorite sounds . . . Until I realized the repercussions of that sound.

Yes! When daylight appeared . . . I discovered that Mother Nature had decided to “undo” all of my work from Saturday. The entire property looked just as it had on Friday – COVERED with leafs.

Next weekend, we’ll do it again!

The resilience part of this is flowing with whatever happens knowing that the Time and Effort I spent wasn’t for naught. After all, I mulched @ 1/2 of the leaves that I would have had to mulch next weekend, so next weekend’s work will be less demanding that it would have otherwise.

I got a great physical workout in my favorite place – OUTDOORS in mild temperatures.

I had all that time to “decompress” from the rigors all of the myriad challenges I faced throughout the work week.

I enjoyed solitude . . . time to think and affirm and even had long stretches of time without having to think at all (Meditation).

I also improved my processes as I taught myself some easier ways to tackle some of the challenging parts of the job.

Additionally, I discovered other things that needed to be done as I took off that first layer of leaves. My driveway cattle grates had filled such that the water was passing right over them to erode the driveway below. The barn door needed to be reinforced, and the tool shed needed to be leveled.

Guess what?

Everything I wrote above applies equally to our businesses and lives.

Nothing we do is without purpose and/or derived benefit.

With gratitude for the privilege of learning resilience as is so often taught all of us by Mother Nature.


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