Rescue Operation Under Way

Good news! We see signs of life!

For Christmas this year, I bought a “Live” tree with the intent to plant it in the yard in the Spring.

She was a pretty little thing, but she didn’t like being inside . . . and the weather was too cold to put her outside, so I did my best to keep her alive.

This is she.

Obviously, she did not respond to my care and decided to turn brown.

Yesterday, I decided to throw in the towel. I would pull her out of the pot and add her to the burn pile accumulating in my fire pit and use the dirt in one of the many random holes in my yard.

BUT . . . Just as I was grabbing her, I noticed GREEN. Lo and behold, there were no fewer than 4 branches that were ALIVE.

We’ve changed the status of her condition from “Search and Rescue” to “Rescue.”

Instead of cremating her, I planted her in one of the holes in the yard, and we are having PERFECT Spring weather with lots of rain.

I’ll be checking her daily for signs of recovery.

Isn’t this interesting?

Even the slightest sign of life reversed my course and (potentially) saved the life of this sweet little tree.

If you’ve read my blog posts in the past, you’ll know that I can’t tell a compelling story without tying it to some business or personal end.

How often do you reach the point of abandoning a pursuit, deal, or relationship after having gone to great lengths to save it?

Do you exhaust every possible remedy before quitting?

Do you pause and contemplate and look for any sign of life whatsoever?

“Sign of Life” births HOPE!

Often HOPE is enough!

Please send all the good fir tree mojo you can muster to Owen Hollow . . . I think my little tree may reach her 70′ potential after all.

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