Remove the Dead Animal Heads

That’s quite a collection of dead animal heads hanging in your den.

Did you kill them all yourself?


You must be quite the marksman.

They look so REAL.

Your taxidermist is a true artist . . . they all look so real that it seems their eyes track me as I walk across the room.


You want to sell your house, Eh?

The first order of business is to “Stage” your house such that prospective buyers will like it and BUY it. We’ll start by “De-cluttering” the place. Just pack away all of the stuff on your counter-tops . . . remove many of your very personal pictures on the wall . . . fix all of things you know are broken (complete that “Honey-Do” that’s been building since you moved into the house 5 years ago) . . . Remove any wall-paper that’s hanging, and paint any wild colored rooms with a neutral paint . . . deodorize the place . . . Spruce up the yard . . . polish the mailbox and the front door kick-plate . . .

and . . .

Remove the dead animal heads!


Yes! Some people will appreciate them, but most won’t.

Some people will leave the house the minute they see them and will never see the whole house.

It’s not because they’re all tree hugging, ASPCA/PETA fanatics . . . It may be as simple as “just being creeped out by dead things”

Oh yeah! You asked me if you could just avoid replacing the dirty/worn carpet by sticking a few notes up that say you will replace the carpets as part of any accepted deal?

You CAN do that, but it’s gonna backfire on ya. The Buyer will see those beat up carpets and will immediately discount the value of your house $20,000 because they’ll assume that anyone willing to let carpets get that bad probably hasn’t maintained the house through the years . . . Go ahead and spend the $1,500 NOW!

After all . . . You DO want TOP $ for your house, RIGHT?

Let’s do this RIGHT (the first time).

Written with (Necessarily Tough) love . . .

Your quintessential Real Estate Sales Professional

Published by Barry Owen

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