“Remember not the things of the Past”

“I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!”

Together now:

“Remember not the things of the Past – I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!”

I heard this in church this past Sunday and had to write it down.

How often do we remember the things of the past and allow them to control our NOW?

Yes! If you’re similarly afflicted, you’re normal.

We ALL have memories of things from the past that influence how we respond to things of NOW.

I say it’s OK to remember . . . just don’t let those memories cause you to forget that EVERY day you have the CHOICE to do something NEW . . . to begin AGAIN!

We ALL have this “right” . . .

This is true in Business . . . and in Personal . . .

BUT . . . Here’s where I fall a bit short of letting you completely off the hook from previous digressions.

Don’t forget that reputation and perceived integrity are easily damaged . . . and once damaged, not so easy to repair.


Remember NOT the things of the past . . .

and do your best in the NOW to minimize the amount of things you might later wish not to remember.

Today, I think we at Pareto Realty had a banner day as we took a peek at our new website design . . . and I had great warmth in the realization that we are doing things NOW as we will be proud to remember in the future.

How ’bout you?

If you’re in Middle TN, consider taking this “conversation” to the next level by participating in LRW3 –


See you at the top!

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