REALTORS really DO Earn their Pay!

Just in case you have any doubt . . .

We REALTORS sincerely hope that EVERY new client “tells the truth” in entirety at the beginning of the relationship.

The more we know up front, the more efficient and pleasant can we deliver a smooth process leading to smiles all around the closing table.

While the list below may seem “over the top” to many people, I view it as a perfectly written wish list.

There is NO WAY that ANY REALTOR could receive this list and have any confusion whatsoever as to the requirements of the Buyer.

When we know this precisely what the target is, we can hone in on THAT and ONLY THAT.

THIS is where the rubber hits the road with most of us REALTORS.

We don’t win kudos for just “doing the job” of showing houses and shuffling paperwork. The exceptional ones amongst us listen intently to the Needs and Wants of our clients and make it our personal mission to find THAT.

Below is a Wish List from a home buyer

• The property needs to be upwind from and away from major pollution sources,
including manufacturing facilities, high-traffic roads, traditional (non-organic) farms,
and electrical substations. ToxMap ( is a good
place to start when identifying heavy polluters.
• The lot needs to be large enough to avoid as many neighbor-related chemicals as
possible (such as lawn chemicals and dryer fumes). Enough room for storage buildings
would be a plus and we’ll also have several vehicles to park.
• The lot needs good drainage, with a low possibility of flooding and mold.
• Obviously, a nice-looking neighborhood is generally preferable to a run-down one, but I
would prefer not to live in a neighborhood with stringent HOA restrictions (such as not
allowing a clothesline). Also, perfectly manicured lawns sometimes mean heavy use of
lawn chemicals, which can be problematic.
• A great location would be adjacent to a nature preserve, forest, park, or similar.
House Wish List
• We’re looking for a home with an in-law suite or the potential to add one.
• The fewer steps, the better.
• Because of the possibility of mold, a main-level suite would be preferable to a
basement unit.
• A detached garage is a healthier choice (because of exhaust fumes getting into the
house) than an attached garage is.
• Unless it was miraculously constructed with chemical considerations in mind, new
construction is probably not an option. I think a house would need to be at least 5
years old, but if it wasn’t aired out frequently, that might not be old enough.
• I’m willing to do some renovating of both cosmetic and toxin issues. However, some
toxins are almost impossible to remove. Any recent pesticide treatment to the house
would probably make it uninhabitable for me. Also, the fewer synthetic fragrances
used in the home, the better, because residual fragrance chemicals from plug-ins,
dryer sheets and similar products are extremely difficult to dislodge. A history of
water damage and mold growth would also be a big red flag. Before purchase, I would
probably want both a mold test and a meth test.
• Windows (that open) are important. I need lots of light and ventilation. A sunroom
would be great. • The more ventilation fans, the better.
• Electric appliances are healthier than gas.
• I spend as much time outside in fresh air as possible, so having or adding a porch,
deck, patio, or other outdoor lounging place is important. A screened-in porch would
be nice.
• Hard surface floors are preferable, with ceramic tile being the best flooring option.
New carpet is not a positive and will probably need to be removed.
• Many standard paints are problematic. They’ll offgass eventually, but if a home has
been recently painted it will be difficult for me to know how tolerable or intolerable
the rest of the home might be.
• The more storage, the better.
• I’m open to a foreclosure or other distressed property as long as the distress doesn’t
include mold.
Here are a couple of links about housing for the chemically sensitive that might be helpful.

Ask any REALTOR if she’s “seen it all” . . . If she’s honest, she’ll tell ya that one of the things she loves about being a REALTOR is that there’s seldom anything we do that fits in “The Box”

Every client and every transaction has it’s unique needs and challenges.

We’re up the task of tackling virtually ANYTHING that’s thrown at us.


We DO “earn our pay” because we “have an APP for that”


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