Realization of your potential boils down to this.

YOU have unbelievable potential to succeed at a very high level.

WARNING! Reading this post may lead to an unexpected set of ramifications. Proceed with an open mind!

Don’t buy into the “Get Rich Quickly” schemes that promise a fast track to the TOP.

There’s no such thing as “Money for nothing” . . . Even big Lottery winners bought a ticket (or hundreds or thousands of tickets over time).

I offer 4 words today:

1. Potential – We all have it! In fact, we have WAY more potential than most of us will EVER realize.  We each have our own unique personalities and sets of knowledge and brain power and manual dexterity to “make it to the top” during our respective human journeys.

Sadly, most of us won’t!

I hereby offer this simple concept to improve your odds of reaching more of your potential, but first you must commit to disassociate with the “money for nothing” mentality and pledge to commit to the long term hard work of taking appropriate ACTION each and every day.

2. Intention – How well do you know yourself?

What are your innate skills and qualities?

What do people say about you when you aren’t in the room?

When people say: “You are SO good at _____!” What’s in the blank?

Daily, do you fill fulfilled doing the work that you are doing?

Are you following your heart or someone else’s?

Are you serving yourself first . . . or everyone else?

Consider your true genuine potential and form an intention that’s authentic for you and only you.

THIS is the most scary part of this whole thing, and it’s THE most important because it could be that your intentions are eons away from your current reality.

It may be time to get real . . . and that very well might necessitate some level of personal transformation as you reclaim your self . . . a metamorphosis of sorts . . . Bring the REAL you into action.

How exciting and liberating will THIS be for you?

So . . . How will get from here to there?

The good news is that your authentic self is already there inside you . . . it’s simply masked, covered, smothered by years of suppression (oppression) by other people and circumstances.

It’s time for some serious “peeling of your onion” as you shed these incongruities and return to your personal core.

This is where strength, patience, and dedication come into play . . . The strength to continue forward on this path of rediscovery of authentic self through a veritable gauntlet of naysayers who may be challenging you NOT to do this silly peeling of your onion . . . After all, everything was hunky-dory until you went on this trek to find yourself.

3. Persistence – Because this is a long term project, you’ve gotta be persistent and adamant and FOCUSED such that temptations and distractions don’t set you back – that is adding of new layers on your onion. This will required Grit and Determination . . . a veritable CHARGE into every moment of every day as if you are on a mission from God (Which I could argue that you ARE)!

4. Consistent  – Stay true to showing up and being present as you continue to follow your heart. Be honest and truthful with yourself and others . . . and be willing to let go of old ways and people who do not align with this new (old) person you are becoming.

You know what it looks like, and you CRAVE this.




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