Real Estate Sales Industry continues to morph

New business models are banking on “Full Service” REALTORS becoming functionally obsolete.

Most Brokers and Full Service agents brush this aside as a probable “Flash in the pan”, but what if they’re wrong?

Heck! Wall Street is either nuts or BRILLIANT.
How could this be?

REALLY? Redfin is worth $2 BILLION?

It’s only worth $2B because Wall Street says it is . . . That number is not based on ANY performance measures or realistic profitability projections.

This is gambling writ LARGE!

I do concede that there is room for the Redfin model in the industry, but don’t forget there are plenty of Baby Boomers who will live another 25+ years.

Fascinating, and I’m Watching . . .

REDFIN Makes Huge Statement to the Industry – National Real Estate Post

What’s YOUR take on this?

I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments.

Happy Hump Day!



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  1. Let’s do this. Let’s cut them off from scalping our listings for their Redfin website.

    And yes, let me tell you, I would love some absolutely green non-experienced Redfin sales person assisting me with one of the biggest financial decisions I’ll ever make.

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