RE Psyche 101

Just ask most any REALTOR!

When folks are Buying and/or Selling a house, emotions can run HIGH.

This process can bring out the best and the worst behavior imaginable, and we REALTORS have the charge to keep things on an even keel and moving forward.

Some of the nicest people turn downright NASTY . . . and sometimes the nasty ones find humility.

So . . . other than being great Lead Generators, the next most important trait of a solid REALTOR is “People skills”

We need to master the fine art of LISTENING such that we can meet our clients where they are . . . Understand where it is they want to go . . . and then lead them there.

Much of what we do falls into the category of “Pyschological Management”

How do we keep our client’s heads in the game when EVERYTHING seems to be going kaput?

While many of our colleagues and “naturals” at reading people, I believe we can ALL stand a refresher course once in a while to remind us of the significance of how important it is for our clients to feel heard with appropriate respect and empathy . . . and to position them such that they feel like they have some semblance of control and power.

It’s when folks feel like they are reeling out of control and don’t know what to do that they feel powerless and literally EXPLODE emotionally.

So . . . Let’s do this!

Let’s get to the basics of understanding some simple personality profiles and how to serve each one best.

While we’re at it, we can tell some stories . . . For sure, we’ve got just many stories about other REALTORS snapping as we do about clients who went off the deep end.

We’d love to have your input!

Simply “Buy” your free ticket here and show up Wednesday the 13th.

Next Wednesday July 13

10 AM

@ Pareto Realty Office 4012 Hillsboro PK

(Across from Pottery Barn and behind My Sister’s Closet)

YOU are invited to explore Real Estate Psychology with a bunch of other REALTORS who ALL have some GREAT stories.

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