Re-allocate that election energy . . .

It’s over!

The Election is OVER!

The campaigns are OVER!

Now . . . Let’s get back to business.

For nearly 2 years, we’ve heard every politician spewing rhetoric about how they all intend to steer America towards economic recovery through job creation.

Little did they know . . . we REALTORS have been conspiring with Home buyers and Sellers using a magnificent recovery strategy – a simple little concept generally known as “HomeOwnerShip.”

As we bring well qualified First Time Home Buyers into our local markets, the inventory of available houses decreases creating relative scarcity thereby stabilizing (and in some areas) increasing values.

The Sellers of these “entry level” houses REJOICE because they now see that they can sell their house and MOVE ON UP . . . thereby decreasing the inventory of the middle market.

Meanwhile on the high end of the market, many folks with lots of money have come to the conclusion that investment in real property (houses) seems to be a safer use of their cash . . . so they are bringing CASH into the marketplace and buying homes for themselves on the high end . . . and as many investment properties as they can for flipping or to hold as cash flowing rentals.

Other folks on the high end who have been yearning for the right timing to downsize are REJOICING because this cash coming into the market has decreased the high end inventory resulting in rising values . . . So these Sellers are now able to SELL and buy in the Middle of the market.


The Middle market is being squeezed – Move up and downsize buyers have gobbled up all of the houses . . . so . . . The smart builders figured this part out and began BUILDING again. Many are doing so with “In-Fill construction” in urban areas because, of course, we ALL know that real estate is fueled by 3 things: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! and so they BUILD.


For every house that is being built, JOBS are created . . . LOTS of jobs.

Builders need windows and doors and fixtures and plumbing and masonry and paint . . . so all of these ancillary businesses must GROW (Hire People) to keep up with all of this new demand.

We didn’t need any stinkin’ politicians to help us . . . all we needed was fewer distractions.

The election was a MAJOR distraction.

It’s now OVER!

So . . . Let’s ROCK this HOUSE!

PS – If you’re in Middle TN, there’s LOTS of all of the above happening and I and all of my team at Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve folks at EVERY stage of this Real Estate “food chain” (From 1st time Buyers to Mega-Investors) . . . Just give us a call!

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