Random thoughts on why I voted Yes for the Nashville Transit Referendum

I don’t like the tunnel – BIG waste of money.
I’m less worried than most about the cost and extra taxes
I’m of the opinion that whatever Mayor is in office will cook the revenue books to suit whatever the agenda of the day is.
Davidson County must be very flush with cash given the veritable onslaught of tourists generating a gazillion $ and the sharp increase in population density bringing a built-in windfall of additional property tax revenue.
More supposition than facts, so I could be dead wrong.
I am taking the transit folks at their word that this plan is only a loose proposal and that the system that eventually gets built will not look much like this proposal.
Having said all of that, I think voting this referendum down is more dangerous than passing it . . . because our current traffic volume is destroying our roads and our cost of living has increased so much that the labor force cannot afford to live where they work . . . So many businesses will not be able to operate due to inability to get their employees into Nashville
What a mess.
Ah well . . . Regardless of which way this referendum swings igbok in the end.
I cast my vote FOR the Transit referendum. I was literally on the fence until I attended the 7 Secrets meeting at Greater Nashville REALTORS on Thursday. I had no idea the scope of this proposal and I think that the Transit people blew it by rolling out such a complex and expensive proposal and did not even mention the best part.
The Greenways project is heavily involved in creating the greenway system to compliment the transit system. The proposal is to have the transit “nodes” be adjacent to greenway access in areas that are not already fully built out with commercial development. These nodes will attract underserved areas gain this needed commercial development. Within a few years, the greenways will be complete enough for many people to be able to commute by bicycle into downtown without having to be on the roads.
Additionally . . . My primary concern has been addressed . . . The Mayors of our adjoining counties are now warm to participating in the transit dialog but ONLY if this referendum passes.
The bad news is that, if this referendum does not pass, it could be another 6 years before anything new could be proposed.
I intend to get more involved in this initiative after it passes on May 1, so I can have my say in how the final plan comes together.
Whether you agree with me or not . . . Please decide . . . and VOTE before May 1
Hope you have a great week.

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