Quit trying so hard to be “Unique” and “Original”

“Originality is local.”

Seth Godin offers a POWERFUL personal call to action towards the end of this post

“We’re asking you to be generous and brave and to matter. We’re asking you to step up and take responsibility for the work you do”

It’s easy for us to feel very small in this great BIG and ever-expanding world.

After all . . . how could any individual stand up and be NOTICED in this whacky world of the internet?

Is one of your goals to become “Viral?”

So you want to be FAMOUS?

Dial it back a few notches and ground yourself.

You already ARE Famous . . . more famous than you could ever possibly dream.

You have plenty of admirers – People who are watching you with admiration as you work your magic of simply being you.

Perhaps they are children who see you as a role model, or colleagues who respect your knowledge and professionalism.

Quit trying so hard to be “Unique” and “Original” . . . you already are both.

Be generous – Be Brave – MATTER – and Take Responsibility.



The right people are already noticing.

Let’s get this party started.


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