Quit moving my cheese!

Just when you think you’ve “got it” some upstart innovator moves your cheese.

How frustrating is it when you FINALLY settle into comfort with all of your technology (Cell Phone?), and the provider sends an operating system update that changes EVERYTHING?

I spent 3 months deciding on a collage of on-line tools and then 8 months implementing them . . . I received an email yesterday that the primary platform has “Partnered” with a company to provide service for an exciting NEW component.

Turns out that new partner component is one I FIRED when I assembled my collage because they were less innovative than the one I Hired and were not capable of integrating with the primary platform. I tried to make it work, but they were jerks about it and left me out to dry . . . so I chose the path of hiring a more innovative solution that already played well with that primary platform.

Full circle . . . Sort of back to where I started (Maybe).

I was furious when I got that email yesterday. All I could think was that it was all about the money (I think it really is) and less about being sure to have the most innovative solution.

This is the “dumbing down” that happens all too often as great companies start to scale.

In truth, the fat lady isn’t singing yet on this scenario because I will likely be able to continue to use what I am using . . . but it bugs me.

It doesn’t just bug me, it drives me bat-sh_t CRAZY when companies forge ahead with “partnerships” that significantly affect the user/client experience and literally drop the bomb out of the clear blue sky in the form of a “GREAT NEWS!” email message.


I know . . .



Adapt or move on.

Either move with the cheese or go find some different cheese.

Damned 1st world problems!


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