Quit bickering and DO something about it

This blog post could easily become a rant, but Imma not gonna let it be.

No matter who you are wherever you are doing whatever you’re doing, you have opinions about all this STUFF going on in the world.

My facebook feed is chock full of rants and turmoil over all of these HUGE issues over which we are grappling.

Friendships become strained because of strong opinions being aired . . . tensions run taught all around us.

I sense LOTS of frustration from so many people who are quick to comment that no one can say much of anything without being ATTACKED!

So often I hear myself (and others) issuing this plea: “SOMEONE should DO something about this!”

. . . and I agree . . . “Someone” SHOULD do something about this . . . Let’s start with YOU!

Yes! YOU can do something about this – even little ole you can have influence resulting in positive change all around you!

How to do this?

Invite others into a neutral, safe space for the single purpose of having a civil dialog with the sole purpose of understanding the differing positions.

From there, constructive work can commence.

This is NOT about changing others’ beliefs as much as it is about compelling all to shift their perspectives such that a cooperative Spirit can emerge (Phoenix Rising).

As you work your magic, all those folks in your “bubble” notice and marvel at the good work you’re doing bringing conflicted people together and helping them realize that the bickering and name calling and resistance are not useful . . . because that’s the nature of we beasts . . . the more we push our agendas on THEM, the more they push back.

A few things to consider . . . Identify ONE well defined issue for which YOU have great passion.

The juicier the issue, the better . . . Complexity, Diversity, Conflict – even CHAOS . . . Name it and issue an invitation to anyone and everyone in your sphere of influence.

The people who have passion for this issue will show up.

While there are myriad “methodologies” to facilitate this “summit”, you won’t need to be a trained facilitator to get a useful dialog going.

All you’re going to have to do is ask the question: “What about this issue is of the most importance to you?”

As those topics come out, make a list of those issues . . . Voila!

Your “agenda” is now set.

Lather – Rinse – Repeat

Here’s a nice firestarter for you!

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