Quality Relationships

My facebook Friend Tim Davis had a clever Status update yesterday:

“The best QR code I have discovered is quality relationships”

That quote hit home as we feverishly strategize the most efficient way to “populate” our new Pareto Realty Website.

We have LOTS of content to add.

The structure of the site is in place (The Bones), and we are SO excited about the ease of use and functionality for our on-line visitors . . .

We KNOW that for this site to become what we believe it has potential to be (THE Community Resource for Home Owners and REALTORS for all things real estate) . . . the CONTENT must be rich and useful.

What’s the difference between “Just another website” and a website that serves as a destination . . . a place people WANT to visit frequently rather than occasionally?

I think I’m not out of line with the presumption that EVERY business owner who goes to the trouble to create and pay for an on-line presence hopes that it will attract new business and amplify the brand into the great sea of “everyone” . . . Like the “Hawkers” in the town marketplace.

so . . . What’s useful?

What about a website causes visitors to stay . . .  return later . . . and (better yet) tell OTHER people about it so as to generate MORE visitors?

This is the question we have asked in order to help us prioritize our project to add content.

Tim’s “Quality Relationships QR Code” is just the ticket.

The website must mirror the core purpose of most businesses . . . to build quality relationships . . . You can’t BUY this off the shelf . . . You’ve gotta EARN it.

Here’s where we are focusing (and it’s NOT all about lead capture and lead capture alone)

Real Estate News Blog

Real-Time Multiple Listing Service Property Search (autonotify)

Community Calendar


Helping people connect with other people so THEY can build relationships.

Here’s the kicker . . .

Once the Website is launched . . .

Our next project goes REAL in a LARGE way . . .

Our community is going to LOVE our “Real Estate Office” (otherwise known as a “Community Resource center”)

Stay tuned 🙂


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