Pros and Cons List – Happy Edition

When we are wrestling with important decisions, we seek clarity.

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I buy this?

Is this “worth it”? (Time – Energy – Money)

What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of opting for this instead of that?

Is my judgement clouded by FOMO? (Fear of missing out)

Who else cares about this? Should I consult with them before making a decision?

What do the reviews say?

So many questions, and the “deadline” looms.

Maybe it’s time to do a Pros and Cons List. Grab a sheet of paper – Draw a Vertical line right down the middle, and label the left side “Pros” and the right side “Cons” . . .



Title this: “Reasons why: If I do/buy this, I will be;

Decide accordingly!

Published by Barry Owen

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