Property Condition Twilight Zone

One of the most exasperating phases of a real estate transaction is often the Home Inspection and resolution.

Here’s how this saga goes . . .

The owner of the house has a significant life change that necessitates selling the house. This change could be for wonderful or not so wonderful reasons, but regardless, selling of the house must happen . . .

So . . .

“Owner” now becomes “Seller” who calls the family REALTOR to come for a visit to take a look at the house and let Seller know what needs doing before going on the market . . .

Invariably, Seller wants to know the LEAST EXPENSIVE way to get the HIGHEST PRICE possible in today’s market.

Family REALTOR is a seasoned veteran who knows that “putting lipstick on the pig” and tossing it on the market won’t fool the buying public because seldom is a deal done without a thorough home inspection. If that inspector finds a lot of duct tape and caulk “fixes,” the Inspection report’s gonna tell all, and the Buyer’s going to want everything fixed properly.

OR ELSE (No Closing)!

Family REALTOR walks room-to-room with Seller to point out deficiencies and recommend staging (Decluttering, Arranging Furniture, painting, cleaning) . . . in fact, might even bring a Professional Stager along to help formulate a plan.

Family REALTOR has been inside a LOT of houses and has seen enough home inspectors do their thing that he KNOWS some of the red flag issues . . . If he sees enough of those, he may recommend that Seller have an inspector “Pre-Inspect” the house so as to be able to address the issues prior to going on the market.

Over a period of the following weeks, Owner invests hours of blood, sweat, tears and MONEY preparing and staging the house for the market.

NOW, the house is as perfect condition as anyone could imagine . . . sparkling Clean and everything that was found broken is now fixed, so the listing goes on the market.

Seller, REALTOR, Stager, Home Inspector, and Contractor have all done SUCH a fabulous job of preparing this house market that it sells IMMEDIATELY with MULTIPLE offers.

When the dust settles from the negotiation, the Buyer and Seller are BOTH ELATED.

This meeting of the minds to reach a binding agreement is a joyous happening.

A week later, the Buyer’s Home inspector does a Home inspection and finds 42 issues with the house.

Seller’s all like: “WAIT! WHAT?

(Here’s where the Twilight Zone music begins playing)

How could ALL of these issues STILL be present after all of our diligence and hard work?

Such is one of the most enigmatic phases of most real estate transactions.

Sometimes, we REALTORS will receive an inspection report and wonder if the inspector inspected the right house . . . or maybe sent us the wrong report?

Upon receipt of the report and the Inspection Contingency release, Seller, REALTOR, and Contractor swing back into action and do what it takes to satisfy Buyer regarding these newly discovered issues . . . lest they lose the Buyer and have to go back on the market.

Either way . . . once the defects are known, other future Buyers will also want them fixed.

and God forbid that a THIRD inspector do another inspection on the house?

Just imagine the issue THAT inspector would find . . .


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