Practicing the fine art of doing what NO-ONE else is doing!

Innovators take a LOT of risk.

They adapt to new technologies before anyone else . . . try new techniques . . . introduce wildly unique products and services . . . and often do all of tthese things in a “zero Basis” environment.

“Zero Basis” simply means that there’s no quantifiable measure or proof that this new way/gadget will actually work.

In fact, it might just FLOP!

Yet, they unabashedly try (Test) EVERYTHING . . .

Innovators know what to do with “FLOPS” . . . they learn from it and move on.

When it’s NOT a flop, it’s HUGE! (in a good way)

Most other folks want more assurance (less risk) ¬†and will stand aside and watch . . . and buy into the “New” when they see enough evidence that it will actually work.

Here’s the trick . . . “Most other folks” are in a world of ALWAYS “Timing the Market” . . . That is, waiting to adopt “new” until everyone else is doing it – playing it safe . . . and while they might benefit on the short term, they are almost certainly entering the game beyond the point of diminishing returns . . . Just as these “laggards” are getting accustomed to the “New” and the Innovators have already left the scene and adopted another “NEW”

Some people might say: “I’m just not an entrepreneur . . . I don’t know HOW to be an innovator”

To which I respond: “YES YOU DO!”

Quite simply . . . Let go of your gregarious need to “fit in” by doing what everyone else is doing. If what you’re doing isn’t working to your satisfaction, DARE/SCARE yourself by doing something radically different.

Who CARES what everyone else is doing?

What’s the risk?


If you’re not failing, you’re not trying . . .

Now . . . consider your marketing (Lead Generation) strategy (assuming you have one) . . . How’s it measuring up to your aspirations?

Relative to all of the above . . . are you playing it safe and running with the pack?

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Just sayin’



PS – Some of the most innovative “New” Marketing strategies might be frighteningly “Old school” . . . I’m training & Coaching Real Estate Professionals to perform at high levels of personal achievement . . . and these are some of the thoughts we think as we journey together.

Oh! . . . and I DO have some “Openings” for new coaching clients and/or Real Estate firms in search of a fresh re-birth of their business/marketing strategy – Just connect – 615-568-2123 or

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