Posturing for success

The first symptom was an audible “SNAP” and twinge of paralyzing pain in the left side of my neck as I was rinsing my hair in the shower.

What followed was an unpleasant several months of a variety quirky symptoms . . . Shooting pains down my left arm, continued discomfort in my neck, and some of the craziest random pains in my back apparently most aggravated while sitting.

Stubborn me (who doesn’t like going to doctors) endured these symptoms with Heroic bravado . . . thinking all the while that I could heal myself doing what I knew to do in the way of “Physical therapy” that I learned when I was swimming competitively.

Somehow for all these years, I had decided that I could heal myself from just about any muscle/joint injury through stretching and “body work” (Exercise without weights). Until now, these home remedies seemed to work.

I guess once you pass 50, the body is less forgiving . . .

and then I considered that there may be something larger happening.

Should I resign myself to the probable truth that I might have to engage the services of a doctor or professional therapist rather than continuing to do the same things, expecting different results, and living in pain and discomfort?

After all, I teach other professionals to seek wisdom and accountability from people outside their own bodies rather than allowing their egos to trick them into believing they can do it all by themselves ALL the time . . .

On my 51st birthday (Last week), my wife gave me the PERFECT gift . . . a 2 hour “Deep Massage” with a Physical therapist who did some (very painful) probing and reported that my neck was a MESS. that was a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) for me.

I asked if he could fix it and what I could do to prevent it from happening in the future? He said he could massage it out and it would feel better for a while, but that I would have to be the one to FIX it.

The cause?


Apparently, between reading my smart phone and working on the computer, I’ve been “cocking my head forward” and have damaged the balance of all of the muscles and nerve centers in my neck.

I would need to consciously do something about fixing my posture as I work.


So much of what we do relies on us being intentional about having good posture.

Good posture presents us with better “Bearing” and demonstrated confidence.

Good posture implies professionalism.

Good posture indicates health and wellness.

Good posture is attractive.

Good posture helps us be more intentional.

Posture yourself well in all things, and you’ll meet with more success.

and remember NO-ONE can do this for you.

PS – during all of those months of pain and discomfort, I was more irritable and my energy was LOW . . . I was less effective . . . my light was dimmed . . . and I am certain less charismatic – Perhaps repelling opportunities and people.

Today as I hold my head up to see the computer monitor I elevated and practice not using that damn smart phone so much, I already feel happier and healthier and more successful . . . and the “Pendings” board is beginning to fill 🙂

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