Play to Improve and WIN more

Is playing to win a short-sighted strategy?

When we always focus on the WIN, we’re subjecting ourselves to the probability of many disappointments over time. This “WIN or BUST” mindset creates conditions ripe for “Roller-Coaster Performance”.

When we win, we are high on life . . . When we lose, we are “defeated”.

Of course, winning is more enjoyable for most non-masochists.

Being defeated seldom feels good and indubitable tosses into the grief cycle (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance).

Isn’t it exhausting to ride this roller-coaster of extreme highs (WINS) plummeting to devastating lows (losses) when the only “acceptable” outcome is a WIN?

So . . . ALL of the eggs are in the WIN basket, and there are no excuses for losing, because when we lose, we are “LOSERS”.

Who wants to be a loser?

A slight shift in mentality might fix this enigma.

If we were to adopt a mindset of Playing to improve, odds (frequency) of winning would also improve, and we can enjoy the satisfaction of know that “we did our best – better than the game before.

Miracles start happening when a team adopts this mindset.

Just as pot of boiling water transitions from chaotic (violent) boiling to a smooth “rolling boil”, so do elite performers who are on this path being the best we can be in every contest . . . I call this “Rolling Boil” . . . Flow!

A team in Flow is a formidable force.

Momentum builds as skill, talent, training, strategies converge, all of the players play as one supremely integrated force projected onto the field of play.

We all like to win!

What I am suggesting here is that you’re likely to win more frequently when you are playing to improve.

Psst . . . I believe the most toxic and destructive element of any team is focus on individual player performance. You’re either a team or a gaggle of individual performers . . . Teams in flow win more!

The Pareto Realty Vital Few are a team of elite Real Estate Sales Professionals in Middle Tennessee. Every day, we focus on “better than before” which results in “as one of us succeeds, we all succeed.”

I’m proud of our little band of home selling gypsies 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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