Personal BEST!

Make every moment better than before.

When I was swimming competitively, my coach always emphasized that we should each swim every race to achieve our “Personal Best.”

The rationale was . . . As long as our race time were always our personal best, we would always be a WINNER regardless of our placing relative to other swimmers.

This single strategy made us consistently the best team in our division.

We didn’t have much depth . . . 12 total swimmers (5 men and 7 women) . . . so we couldn’t even have a swimmer in every race, BUT we almost ALWAYS scored 1st and/or 2nd place in every event we DID enter.

Meets were always fun for us because we could all show up in one small van (Versus other teams that needed a bus) . . . and we didn’t take up much space at the pool arena . . . but we DOMINATED the scoreboard.

We competed with ourselves in every practice and every race.

This experience taught me a level of commitment that I’m not sure can be learned in a classroom or with “training.”

EVERY day of the week, we swam 3+ miles first thing in the morning and 3+ miles each afternoon (yes, 6 miles/day), and we worked diligently on pushing our bodies to perform better than before.

This mentality still drives much of what I do.

Think how this could affect every facet of your life . . .

Always striving for a “Personal Best” . . .

and knowing that each time you achieve a “personal Best,” you’re a WINNER!


Quit worrying about what other people think about you – THAT”S none of your business.

Quit judging yourself based on other people’s accomplishments.

As long as you’re improving yourself, the “score” is not relevant.

So . . . I’ve built a 6 Session Workshop around helping Professionals develop a “Personal Best Mindset”

It’s called “Life Rhythm” and here’s a blog post that fills in some blanks

INVITING Success or AVOIDING Success

The first session is Wednesday May 14 10-Noon – Then each Wednesday for 5 weeks thereafter

Cost: $125 for the entire Workshop

15 seats in the room

Connect with me to reserve your seat.

Make every moment better than before.


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