Perpetual Uncertain Times

I’ve noticed that “Uncertain Times” is the preferred media title for this pickle we’re in.

It’s almost as if there’s something different going on.

My observation of the world during my lifetime has always been best described as “Uncertain Times”.

While studying the variety of “origin stories” while in School, it seems that ALL times have been uncertain. History reports troubling happenings replete with things like ” UNIVERSE BIG BANG” – Self-organizing matter mystically creating life on this planet – God creating all that is – The appearance of animals and humans and vegetation – civil unrest – Natural disasters – WARs aplenty – Famines – Plagues – Political unrest” . . . all leading to my primary question:

When has there EVER been anything akin to “Certain Times”? Times when everything seemed to happen exactly we expected seem to be absent from all of the History books?

This covid-19 thing is just another “disturbance” that showed up, as legend has it, because a lady in Wuhan China ingested an undercooked bat.

Of course, we were SURPRISED!

We weren’t prepared . . . How could we have been?

Perhaps we coulda or shoulda been more ready for a thing such as this, but we were pretty darned comfortable living our “normal – certain lives” naively living day to day with our false sense of security that “they” would serve and protect us if anything bad were to happen.

Who are “they”?????

“They” are WE . . . the people!

Ultimately, Each of us and all of us are “responsible” for our own unique life experience. Apparently, we must re-learn this premise repeatedly as we face random adversity (Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Economic collapse, WAR).

So . . . How ’bout something along the lines of “just another episodic disturbance” instead of “”Uncertain Times”?

Are (we) you ready for whatever’s next?

When have times EVER been certain?Let's GO!

Posted by Barry Owen on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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