Paying dues . . .

So “They” say that you’ve gotta pay your dues before you can taste the fruit.

What IS paying dues?

Is it an unpleasant thing that we must do?


We must slog through nasty misery for a period of time before we can enjoy any level of success or enjoyment?

The world “Hazes” us to test our commitment and resolve?

If we make it through the hazing, then we can join the club?

Let’s look at this another way. I’ve never been a real fan of this “Gotta pay your dues” way of thinking . . . There’s this negative connotation that makes success taste bittersweet.

What if we were to subscribe to notion that it’s more about the journey than the destination?

This is not more than a GRANDE ADVENTURE on which we embarked when we decided to pursue this goal.

The obstacles become challenges that encourage us to PRACTICE more of what we love . . . and to remember our WHY.

This is ALL good . . . Doing what you want to do, and living life in a mode of creativity (Creation) of being who you want to be . . . and to do this being IN the present is essential.

That’s kinda difficult to do if you feel like you’re “paying dues” to earn the right to succeed.

Just know that you were BORN with the right to succeed and the right to CHOOSE.

So . . . just go do more of THAT and remember that it’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you and what you’re doing.

Selfish thinking?

Heck YEAH!

It’s this level of thinking from which innovation births . . . and innovation is just what the Dr ordered when it comes to fixing the economy.

Did I ramble enough to make some sense?

Think I need a nap 🙂



PS – Every day is a fantastic day in my own personal grand adventure of creating Pareto Realty . . . I taste that fruit in every moment.


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