Party Animal? How Holiday Networking differs.

Tis the season to party!

Not all of us are “Party Animals”, though.

I’m one of those folks who resists going to parties where there will lots of people I don’t know. My “behavioral profile” tells me that I really don’t like people very much. I’ll put lots of energy into finding reasons not to go.

When faced with a room full of people, my instinct is to seek out a person or 2 I already know and head for the fringes and engage in deep and complicated conversations.

BUT . . .

Guess what?

During the holiday season, most folks’ eyes are slightly off the ball when it comes to focusing on work and Lead Generation (networking). Things slow d o w n . . . The phone doesn’t ring as much . . . and it’s dark outside  . . . and COLD . . . and prospects tend to be less enthused with the notion of meetings and details.

What does this mean to the keen Lean Mean Lead Generating Machine? A shift of strategy is in order.

The purpose doesn’t change. The key ingredient to finding more leads for your business is a high level of DIRECT contact with REAL PEOPLE.

If it ain’t happening “as usual” with multiple phone calls . . . it may be time to go where the people are . . . PARTIES!

If you haven’t been invited to any parties, throw one yourself.

So . . .

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Tis the season for parties . . .

It’s time to awaken the PARTY ANIMAL within you and stop taking life so seriously. Enjoy your holiday and make it a goal to have more FUN than you’ve EVER had.

You’re gonna like the results . . . It’ll lead to a healthy flow of business in the new year,

I’m just sayin’



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