Pareto Reserve offers WIN-WIN-WIN Referrals!

Everyone WINS!

Here’s how it works:

WIN #1

  • Seasoned Real Estate Professional decides to pursue another career or retire
  • She has a devoted “following” of loyal clients from her years of serving Home Buyers and Sellers.
  • She would love to be able to “Sell” her Real Estate Practice just as a Doctor would, but can’t figure out to make that work.
  • She would like to refer these loyal clients to another REALTOR who she knows and trusts AND be able to receive a referral fee.
  • She wants to do all of this at the lowest possible cost and inconvenience.
  • Pareto Reserve accomplishes ALL of this. This is a no-nonsense company with no monthly or annual office fees. Said seasoned Real Estate License only must maintain an active license and keep E&O and Continuing Education current per TN law (No association membership)
WIN #2
  • A Real Estate Professional friend of Winner #1 has a thriving practice and is always interested in ways to generate more leads for his business.
  • He has developed a database and wants to increase his scale – To add to his Sphere of influence.
  • He hears Winner #1 is thinking about retiring or moving on and is in search of a way HE can serve HER loyal clients.
  • He understands that Warm/HOT referrals from Winner #1 have a precipitously better chance of converting into CLOSED TRANSACTIONS!
  • He is hesitant to approach her because she is with a different firm.
  • Pareto Reserve Handles this magnificently. Winner #2 can encourage Winner #1 to speak with Barry and learn about Pareto Reserve. Within days, the details are done . . . Winner #1 introduces her sphere of influence to Winner #2 . . . the Referrals begin to flow . . .
WIN #3
  • A loyal Client of Winner #1 is thinking about “downsizing” because kids are off to college and the house is TOO big.
  • Quandary: When they call their long-standing “Family REALTOR”, they hear of her plans to end her Real Estate Sales Career . . . They feel Orphaned!
  • They know many other REALTORS in the community but could not imagine with anyone else . . . She had always taken such great care of them through the years.
  • Pareto Reserve gives her the opportunity to set their minds at ease by making a Warm/HOT referral to Winner #2 who she knows will serve them as they are accustomed to being served.
Additionally, Pareto Reserve also offers targeted direct marketing to help Winners #1 & #2 market consistently to Winners #3 over time.
Final thoughts:
  • If you’re a Real Estate Professional considering moving on to other pursuits (or have already retired your license), DON’T ORPHAN your loyal clients. Don’t abandon this valuable asset. You deserve to be able to receive your own “pension” . . . Call Barry @ Pareto Reserve! 615.568.2123
  • If you are Real Estate Professional who LOVES serving Home Buyers and Sellers and would LOVE to have MORE warm/HOT leads for your practice, pause for a moment and think about who REALTORS you know who are considering quitting the business – or have quit the business in the past 5 years . . . Talk with them about this option and have them call Barry @ Pareto Reserve 615.568.2123
  • If you are a potential “Home Buyer or Seller” and your trusted REALTOR has “Orphaned” you . . . Contact Barry @ Pareto Reserve 615.568.2123
Just sayin’
Pareto Reserve is a sister of Pareto Realty, LLC in Nashville, TN.
Pareto Reserve can hold any Tennessee real estate licenses and can/will pay referrals to Firms anywhere in the Country.

Published by Barry Owen

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