Pareto Realty – WIIFM?

WIIFM (What’s in it for ME?) is the most oft asked question of REALTORS looking for a new home for their business.

When the economy took a turn, MANY Real Estate Professionals felt the squeeze and scrambled to find the lowest cost alternative. Some smart firm owners saw this opportunity and shifted their business models to “Low or ZERO Commission split” models . . . and they GREW like weeds.

I believe there will ALWAYS be a place in the market for these models. Some high performing REALTORS don’t need much in the way of support from their Broker/Firm because they have their own models and systems and people . . . so they increase their profit by decreasing costs. Other agents may not aspire to make selling houses a full time career and choose the lowest cost option as a matter of convenience (a place to hang their license).

Pareto Realty‘s business model is not the lowest cost (although there are some very interesting financial perks) . . . It is a High Performance model. We believe in the Pareto Principle . . . that the “Vital Few” (<20%) people participate in the majority (>80%) of the production (Sales) while the “Trivial Many” (>80%) people participate in a relatively minute (<20%) share of the production (Sales).

We are a culture of High Performance.

Does this mean that every one of our agents is expected to sell hundreds of houses every year?


We believe in working with each of our Team Members to identify their personal and professional goals and aspirations, and we encourage, educate, coach, and support each of these folks at a high level.

Our mutual expectations are simple:

  • 80/20 Split
  • ZERO Monthly Office Fees
  • Performance Oriented rewards – We reward Team Member’s goal accomplishment with cool perks (Profit Share – Dues paid Etc)
  • Performance Pods” – As we grow, we provide administrative support to clusters of High Performing Team Members
  • Niche “Outposts” will ultimately provide “Office/Conference Room” space wherever you are in Middle Tennessee.
  • Training/Coaching/Broker Support – Following the “Life Rhythm Way” model developed by Barry Owen . . . Develop Habits that promote High Achievement with a robust curriculum.
  • Minimum performance level – Average of 1 transaction per month per agent – Free Coaching provided to support this
  • Peer to Peer Support – When successful people hang with other successful people, everyone enjoys more success.

Pareto Realty is not for everyone . . . and we have no aspirations to become the largest Real Estate Firm in Middle Tennessee . . . ALL of our Firm goals have to do with the success of our Team Members, and we have some pretty exciting “game changing” strategies that we intend implement as we “mature.”

If any of the above intrigues you and you would like to meet to discover if Pareto Realty might be a good personal and fit for YOU, contact me . . . Let’s get together and explore possibilities together.

One thing is certain – 2013 will be a VERY exciting year for Pareto Realty 🙂


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