Overnight Success

“Everything she touches turns to GOLD!”

“He’s SO lucky!”

“Without even breaking a sweat . . . INSTANT SUCCESS!”

“Golden Boy”

“I hate her – EVERYTHING she does is just PERFECT!”

“That guy just knows EVERYBODY and can get ANYTHING he wants just by picking up the phone and making a call.”

So . . . Is it easy?

Are there really some people who were born with The Midas Touch and simply cannot fail?


as Jim Collins says in “How the Mighty Fall”, are these “lucky people” simply better at:

“Breathe. Calm yourself. Think. Focus. Aim. Take one shot at a time.”

Success is something we have an in-born, God given right to enjoy.

We all have this potential.

Those folks who, over time, have built (one shot at a time) tremendous success know that patience, self-control, focus . . . and months and years and decades of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” are what it takes to endure this journey.

It ain’t rocket science . . .

and it ain’t easy . . .

and it ain’t an Overnight Success!

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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