Overcomplication Begs THIS Question

Is this worth the effort?

Most people crave simplicity.

The easier the process, the smoother the experience.

“The Perfect Plan” has, by definition, too many moving parts and is indubitably designed to fail.

We see this play out all day long every day.

How often does anything of real significance happen according to the plan?

Of course, we have dreams and vision of the future – goals – and we want to get “there” so we begin “strategizing” our plan of attack.

At first, it’s very messy as we experiment and inch along through trial by fire/failure.

One day, we wake up and decide that we’re doing it all wrong because we are not acting according to a plan.

We decide that we should map out our journey from here to there. With great excitement, we launch into adding layers and layers of complexity to our once simple idea.

As the level of complexity increase, our motivation begins to wane as overwhelm sets in . . . and we pine for the simpler, kinder, gentler way of before.

This is when we ask the “Is this worth the effort?” question.

Our gut answer is the true barometer of our commitment to succeed.

Are we in a cul-de-sac (going nowhere useful), or does this adventure have legs and we are simply slogging through a dip knowing that all we’ve gotta do is get through this morass to find smoother travels?

These are the plights of the Entrepreneur, and they are very real.

Return to simplicity and DO!

PS – This also has great relevance for sales processes. The greatest salesperson in the world didn’t get that way because of her sole ability to convince Buyers to buy . . . She delivered a smooth, uncomplicated process. Make it easy for people to do business with you, and you’ll succeed at a higher level faster.

(The things we ponder daily here in the braintrust of The Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty)

Published by Barry Owen

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