Over and above the call of duty

It’s the Sergeant who heroically dives through a hail of gunfire to save one of his soldiers.

It’s the Fireman who risks life and limb to save a family from a burning house.

It’s the teacher who spends a few extra minutes with a student during lunch or after school to work through the tricky math.

It’s the nurse who pauses long enough to connect with each patient and offer an extra dose of unexpected love and tenderness.

It’s the eye doctor who meets a patient at 9 PM to examine an eye injury.

The Dentist who stays in the office after hours to wait for the arrival of a patient with a toothache.

The Garbage Truck driver who gets out of the truck to pick up the trash that spilled.

The REALTOR who remembers little details like alarm codes and answers the phone when the buyer calls after the closing.

The restaurant server who keeps the water glasses full AND is willing to share his opinion of his favorite menu item.

The person who walks her dog every day and carries an extra bag to collect trash she finds along the way.

The person who always holds the door for others – ALWAYS!

The guy who ALWAYS stops at traffic accidents to see if everyone is OK . . . and does anyone need a phone?

The sales person in the mega department store who LEADS me to the department I seek.

The guy in the grocery store who knows where the pizza crusts are . . . and the playing cards.

We are all these people. The only difference between the ones I describe above and most people is that these folks PRACTICE their art.

It’s almost as if they wake up each morning and remind themselves to be nice . . . and then navigate through their day with eyes wide open for opportunities to help others.

These no measurable cost of going over and above the call of duty.

The benefit is priceless. Each of these exceptional displays of “nice” results in untold volumes of nice being paid forward . . . even to the point of significantly enhancing lives – and in some cases, saving them.

and so it goes . . . You have many opportunities every moment of every day to choose excellence.

Will you?

I’m just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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