Our Personal Resources ARE finite

ALL resources are finite.

This is a “supply:demand” conundrum that affects all of us in our daily lives. It drives pricing and availability of pretty much everything we use in our daily living.

We hear this every day in the news. The economic indicators are about Supply and Demand – House values, Gas prices, Interest rates, Car prices . . . “Affordability”

In almost everything we do or buy, we consider the value – Given our buying ability (Income or cash on hand), is this thing we are thinking about buying worth the price?

What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of spending our resources on this? 

For the same cost, what else might be buy that achieves more benefit?

So . . . We naturally think this way when we are considering the purchase of THINGS. We look for the best deals in the grocery store, gas station, and virtually everything we buy.

More and more of us are buying darn near everything from Amazon because the prices are low and the convenience is HIGH (Prime gives free delivery). A few taps on the screen, and the thing we want shows up on our doorstep within 24-48 hours (or 2 hours) at a reasonable price.

These same principles apply with respect to our personal resources.

How do we “manage” our use of our energy and time?

It is true that upon waking each morning, we only have so much brain power for our use until we go to bed at the end of the day.

As our day unfolds, this brain power depletes/degrades and our mental acuity and awareness decreases.

Our ability to focus wanes as we deal with the matters of the day. Other people discover we are awake and clamor for our attention.

To some degree, we must be selfish with this, our most valuable, resource. 

In truth, we must learn how to budget our daily personal energy just as we budget our money – INTENTIONALLY!

In doing so, we pay attention to our budgeting of our TIME such that we create our daily schedule around the notion that we should do the things that need the most brain power during those times when our brains are at their optimal availability . . . and schedule the less cranial pursuits at those times when our mental resources are less available.

For most if us, the optimal time is early in the day when there are fewer distractions . . . Some folks find this time to be late night after the din of the day has subsided.

Either way . . . If what you want is to optimize your human experience on this earth, these matters are worth considering.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, I hereby invite you to explore these ideas on a deeper level Wednesday 10/19/2016 from 11-1 in the Pareto Realty office.

Please RSVP at this link: 


Choose to be selfish with your personal resources, so you can be more generous and authentic with the people who matter in your life.

In the never ending quest to live a life of healthy rhythm . . . 


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