OUCH! A 10 Hour Meeting?

Odds are good that if you were to attend a meeting that lasts 10 Hours, you would want it to be USEFUL and productive use of your time, right?

I think most people will answer: “YES!” because time is valuable . . . Once you spend it, you cannot have it back.

We all have the same 24 Hours in every day, yet some folks get SO much more out their 24 hours than others . . .


The folks who tend to get more done in less time are more selfish with how they use their time . . . One might even think of them as being “Hoarders” of time.

They won’t stop in the hall for idle chatter, and they absolutely will not attend senseless meetings.

Time Hoarders think like this: “I walked into the meeting today, and there were 10 people present. The agenda was full. This meeting was to be one hour long. During the meeting, the facilitator/leader wandered egregiously from the agenda and spent lots of time on issues that had NO relevance whatsoever to the reason for the meeting resulting in the meeting actually being an hour and 20 minutes. The way I see it is, that was an 800 minute meeting (10 people – 80 minutes per person), and without the wandering we could have accomplished MORE in @ 20 minutes (200 Total Minutes) . . . We just effective burned @ 600 minutes of precious time that could have been used SO much better in other ways.”

Just as with all resources (Time, Energy, Money), there is ALWAYS an “Opportunity Cost” of using the resource. If you were to use it differently, could you derive more benefit than the way you are using it now?

When you “Get” this principle, you’ll get more FREEDOM and will actually require the use of LESS resources.

Less IS more in this way.

Always think in terms of Opportunity cost, the happier you’ll be.


Published by Barry Owen

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