Opt-in or Opt-out?

Since it was possible to write blog posts on the internet, I have done so.

Yep! There are literally thousands of “Barry Owen blog posts” out there in the ether on several different websites for the world to see/discover for as long as the internet lives.

These are all out there for you (or anyone) to “Opt-in” to reading at your leisure.

Thing is . . . There are about 1000 people who have been receiving blog posts from me in their email boxes because added them to the weekly distribution whether they wanted it or not. So . . . I created an “Opt-out” scenario for all these people for all these years . . . In other words, they have to opt-out in order to stop receiving them.

How presumptive of me, eh?

I believe many of these folks NEVER read these emails, not do they want to receive them.

Today’s Drive Time Video says a little more about this.

Immediately after publishing THIS post, I am going to delete the group “Mega-Agents” thereby instantly opting everyone OUT and giving you the chance to opt back in . . . or not.

To opt in, all you gotta do is comment on this blog post or send me an email at barry@paretorealtyllc.com.

Whether you Opt-in or not, I hope we’ll stay in touch as we continue to work magic for our Home Buying and selling Clients.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Want to continue receiving your emails & staying in touch. Real Estate buying & selling is ever changing !
    Glad to be part of it!

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