Open Some Space – You’ll get there Faster

When you’re in a traffic jam, Open up some space between you and the car in front of you.

Yeah! . . . Just 4 or 5 car lengths of space . . . enough to allow other cars to weave in and out.

This is a magical solution because it acts as a “traffic calmer” for the car in the immediate vicinity.

Next thing you know – instead of “Stop and GO,” you end up at a steady pace along with everyone else.

You’re the Leader 🙂

If I’m in a hurry while walking my dogs, it seems the more I try to hurry them along, the slower they want to go . . . and they want to stick their nose in EVERYTHING.

Omit my agitation and anxiety, and space opens for us to find a smooth pace just as in the traffic example above.

In both cases, I often experience a “Time Warp” resulting in me reaching my destination much faster than expected given the circumstances.

So much of the time, we want to CONTROL time and Other people. We get SO aggravated when we’re running late and EVERYONE else is moving like snails or we hit a snag (Traffic Jam)

I encountered such a surprise while taking my daughter to her basketball game last night

Man faces charges after climbing I-65 sign, causing 2-hour closure

The good news is that I had heeded my own advice and had Opened Some Space by leaving the house earlier than necessary . . . We diverted around the silly traffic jam and made it to the game at EXACTLY the right time.

Today’s post is about letting go of our need to control simply by opening some space.

No matter what we do, we WILL encounter unexpected surprises . . .

Other people don’t always know the screenplay you’ve written in your mind as to how things should go . . .

SO . . .

Open some space into your plan with acknowledgement that nothing of real significance EVER goes according to the plan.

Get THIS at a high level, and I’m betting your blood pressure will go down, AND you’ll find yourself getting more down in less time.

There now . . . This’ll add a few years to your life 🙂

PS: This concept has some pretty powerful implication when Negotiating a Home Purchase or Sale. The pace and Tenor of the negotiation is SO important. Of course, we Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty Get this at a high level and are poised and ready to lead YOU through the process in Middle Tennessee.

It’s YOUR move!

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