OPE = Other People’s Expertise

OPE is the leverage you need to take full advantage of to accomplish all that you wish to accomplish.


How effective and efficient would you be if your were able to focus ONLY on those things that align directly with your personal skill set (Expertise)?

Sure! You can learn how to do all that other stuff . . .

You’re plenty smart and capable, but what’s the opportunity cost?

While you’re learning how to do the stuff you really don’t need to know how to do, you could be honing your skills and building relationships to get you where YOU want to go . . . Fulfill your vision.

Project your energy in the direction of your personal POWER!

How much more valuable will you be to other people as you refine your own expertise?

Let go of your pathological need to CONTROL it (Whatever “it” is), and turn that energy into something great.

so . . . I resolve to capitalize on OPE!


Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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