OOPS! – Social Media Faux Pas Writ LARGE!

Have you joined’m all?

‘Cause you’re not “cool” if you’re not “on” Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin and Foursquare and myriad other Social Media destinations on-line. right?

I think the “coolness” factor disintegrates quickly if you fail to actually USE those social Media venues after joining them.

When you joined them, excitement was high and you (very compliantly) completed your on-line “Profile” for each . . . current job, marital status, hobbies, etc . . . and then you might have gotten distracted by the rest of your life and simply forgotten that you even set the page up.

Years pass, and that page stays right where you left it, BUT your life has changed and the profile information on that page HASN’T!

So . . . As you market yourself and your business, prospective customers (the whole world) who hear about you, RESEARCH you by Googling your name . . . and VOILA! They find old, musty, smelly, profile information . . . and see that you “ONLY have 52 friends on Facebook” and immediately have the impression that you’re not all that connected after all (even though you really may be through more “healthy” and natural channels) . . . and that your attention to detail is lacking.

Please know that we are in a world full of Private investigators who can find just about anything you’ve ever published on the net.

If you’re going to “use” Social Media, USE SOCIAL MEDIA . . . if you’re not going to use it on a regular basis, you’ll serve yourself and your fans better by deleting your profile(s).

 Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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