One Thing at a Time!

I sat down at my desk today and looked at all of the files and stacks of paper in front of me.


I had neglected ALL of it for that week and 1/2 that included Christmas and New Years.

Most Decembers, this wouldn’t be a problem . . . but THIS December, it was!

Because . . . I’ve been BUSY! In that 10 day period, I transacted LOTS of business but did it all “virtually.” While it was fun to be completely paperless and irresponsibly sloppy with my paperwork handling, I now see the mess I created and . . . SIGH!

I felt a twinge of despair creeping over me because this task of unraveling this huge bowl of spaghetti looming in all its ugliness on my desk was SUCH a daunting task I considered calling my dentist for an impromptu tooth extraction without Novocaine.

Instead, I pulled out a clean sheet of paper and wrote this on the top:


 and then I proceeded to do what I do every “normal” workday morning and began to write my day . . . beginning with listing the people with whom I MUST engage today . . . followed by a list of the “ToDos” which matter most TODAY.

I then settled into my chair and followed my own best advice of “ONE THING AT A TIME”

Here I sit – 8 Hours later – with a silly grin on my face AMAZED at how much STUFF I accomplished today.

Better yet . . . I’m even MORE excited about TOMORROW because TOMORROW I get to step out from the office and mingle among PEOPLE because most of the paperwork is now caught up.

It’s a wonderful life, ain’t it?

One thing at a time . . .

How’d your “Re-entry from the Holiday” go?

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