One reason God gave us opposable thumbs #in

Wiki says:

“The opposable thumb has helped the human species develop more accurate fine motor skills. It is also thought to have directly led to the development of tools, not just in humans or their evolutionary ancestors, but other primates as well. The opposable thumb ensured that important human functions such as writing were possible. The thumb, in conjunction with the other fingers, makes human hands and those of other species with similar hands some of the most dexterous in the world.”

Some folks would say that it’s our opposable thumbs that we can credit for our ability to accomplish industrialization of the world – and to be the most “powerful” species on the planet.

It’s that manual dexterity that theoretically gave us humans the “edge” our brains needed to develop to the degree we have.

I noticed today that my opposable thumbs are not necessary when doing a function I do every day of my life – type on a keyboard.

and when I pick up a pen or pencil and put it to paper, it produces a barely legible scrawl.

My 6th grade daughter’s teacher told the class not to hand write . . . that they should TYPE.

How long until elementary School students cease learning the art of writing their ABC’s . . . and later learning cursive?

What’s the point of learning all of that if it becomes completely unnecessary by the 6th grade?

What does this say about our invitation to create and learn?

The curmudgeon in me detests this . . . I’m “old school” enough that I have some twisted fear that we’re going lose our “evolutionary adaptation of the opposable thumbs” if we stop using them that way.

or . . . the power grid really IS going to fail and we as a species will not be able to communicate in writing.

What of journaling and story-telling?

My question of my daughter’s teacher will be along the lines that creative (and technical) writing (WITH A PEN OR PENCIL) is necessary for the development of critical thinking.

When all of our books and blogs and letters are only in electronic form, how reliable is the archive? In 100 years, what will be the “record” of you and your life?

Who’s to say all of this internet stuff will survive forever . . . and even if it does, how will your descendants know you if your writings are scattered about the electronic realm?

So many questions . . . and only because I am defending the importance of using your opposable thumbs regularly . . .

Lest you lose them.

I’m Just sayin’



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