One Less thing to do . . .

My Father Harrison Owen hit THIS nail on the head!

I pilfered the following gems from a post he wrote yesterday on the Open Space Technology Listserve:

  • “With increasing age and experience it has become clearer and clearer that the less I do the better things work.”
  • “It is not that I have no agency or contribution, but it does turn out that the ambient wisdom and capacity of the individuals and groups that I am privileged to interact with so vastly exceeds my own that I would do very well to fold my hands and shut my mouth.”
  • “Anything else has me working much too hard, and generally messing things up… Such are the eye glasses through which I view my world.”
  • “Reasonable people might well ask, how could we invest so much and accomplish so little?”
  • “We’ve been trying to organize self organizing systems.”
  • “This is a thankless task if only because we will never get it right; the systems involved (our businesses, countries, organizations) are so complex, inter-related, and fast moving that we can’t even think at that level – let alone effectively structure and control them.”
  • ” . . . worst of all our efforts are not needed because the system itself, all by itself, can do a better job.  Frankly our efforts are just plain clunky.”

In some twisted fate of synchronicity, I had already commenced the writing of this blog post and had parked it for a few minutes to check email when I discovered Dad’s message.

I don’t think there’s ANY way to overstate the importance of this notion of “One Less Thing to Do” as we all journey along our respective life paths.

How often do we complicate things and relationships needlessly?

What’s that inherent tendency within us that causes us to complicate even the simplest things?

Do we ALWAYS have to fix it even if it ain’t broke?

Why must we always rock the boat?

Why screw up a perfectly good plan with complicated distractions?

Can we find success more often by letting go? (Rather than holding on)

Do we know when to hold’m and when to fold’m?

How can we FOCUS when there’s so much CLUTTER?

So . . . are you ready to achieve the level of success that you always yearned to achieve?

Develop a new mantra!

Quit with the “Gotta be BUSY” mindset and in everything you do, intentionally focus on doing one less thing.”

Perhaps this means choosing NOT to do “it” at all . . . or maybe relinquishing some (or all) of your need to micro-manage and CONTROL.



Close your eyes and visualize that place you’re going . . . Your goal!

and simply go there . . . STRAIGHT there . . . Do NOT pass GO and do NOT collect $200 . . . Your reward will be there when you arrive.

This week, I’m facilitating the 2nd session of The Life Rhythm Workshop. We’ll be concentrating on BUDGETING Time, Energy, and Money for smoother life flow.

The most fun aspect of this particular session for me is the simple truth that most folks only need to realize they don’t have to recreate the wheel to find a smoother life flow . . . All they need is fundamental (simple) focus on the right things and people.

If you’re in the Nashville, you’re welcome to sit in on the session – 10 AM on Thursday the 17th – Email me at to let me know you’re coming so I can save you a seat (and tell you where to go).

Hope you have the BEST SIMPLE Week EVER!

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