On the benefits of being opportunistic in today’s Real Estate Market

Must everything you do be “according to plan?”
If so, odds are good you find yourself frequently disappointed.
The lion’s share of great scores show up when least expected . . . and almost never according to the plan.
Those folks whose disposition is such that they never deviate from the plan enjoying the comfort of their blinders as the protectors against distractions (shiny objects) . . . often miss the best solutions.
Without wide peripheral vision, they may continue to plow directly forward towards an unrealistic goal never to be achieved.
In a market of PLENTY, this strategy might just work . . . but what happens when demand significantly outpaces the supply?
Many of these focused travelers will quit out of frustration and consequently miss out on some pretty incredible opportunities.
We REALTORS see this often, and we do our best to “educate” home Buyers and Sellers to help them understand the whys and wherefores of taking action NOW.
The real thing is that NOW is a relatively known entity.
We know that Mortgage Interest rates are still at all time LOWS (but won’t be forever) . . . and house values (prices) are INCREASING rapidly because the inventory of available houses and condos in Nashville is near zero.
What this means for Home Buyers is that their “Buying Power” degrades more with every day they delay their decision to purchase. This means that the longer they wait to buy the less house they’ll be able to buy.
Of course you want o buy the PERFECT house NOW, Right?
That’s your “plan.”
The longer you wait, the less the probability you’ll succeed.
Here’s an idea . . . consider adopting a slightly more Opportunistic frame of mind.
Consider the notion of “exploiting chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle.”
You’re right!
I’m luring you into being open to distraction . . . into the realm of irrational thought and behavior.
Let your eyes wander – Broaden your horizon – look towards the edges.
What might you see?
Out there on the fringes lie many golden nuggets which seldom last long.
These opportunities show up in unconventional ways and disappear from view just as quickly as they appear, and the folks who are paying attention and take action often WIN in the long run.
I wouldn’t do all of that philosophizing without offering an example.
long pic
1607 Long Avenue quietly snuck on the market yesterday with only 1 picture.
CUTE! Isn’t it?
The price is an unassuming $308,800 in trendy Lockeland Springs on the East Side of Nashville. This is a fabulous walkable neighborhood.
It’s a 
Classic Craftsman 3/2 bungalow near Shelby golf course. Original hardwood floors. tiled kitchen and baths, whirlpool tub, breakfast room, Florida room. Wood deck, privacy fence. Walking neighborhood. Lots of historic renovations going on. New roof.
Chances are decent that this house will sell in a few days . . …  and if it doesn’t sell quickly, this Seller will remove it from the market and sit on it for a while only to offer it at a higher price in the future.
A Buyer with an “Opportunistic Mindset” will snatch this house up and tweak it a bit (Up-date) with HUGE potential to sell later at a significant gain . . . or live in it for years and enjoy being in the heart of the East Side.
Are you that buyer?
If so, call the Listing agent Fran Patton with Pareto Realty – 615-503-0003
You’d better HURRY!
(Don’t blame me if you miss it because I’ve invited you to shed your blinders)
Let me know how the world looks without your blinders . . .

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